What are some good ideas for a 19th birthday party?

I just turned 19 today and I was thinking of hosting a birthday party this weekend! What are some good Britihday ideas? And should I just invite all of my friends even tho they don't know each other? Because most of my friends don't know my other friends if that mKes sense so I don't want them to feel awkward what should I do about that?
The drinking age is 19 where I live in Canada!


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  • Well I got wasted at the bar but depending on where you're from that might not be legal. A friend usually does the planning but if you have different sets of friends just bring them all together

    • Well if you're Canadian then invite me!!!

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    • Yeah we could totally meet there. TBH I do wanna go out tho but most of my friends are busy so I might have to spend it alone :( which sucks a lot!! I feel so sad right now lol but what are some things I could do alone? I was thinking of getting drinks from lcbo or the bar but it'll probably be a bad idea right going to the bar alone? But after that I was thinking of getting dinner takeout from a reasturant and then watching a movie alone at the movies :(

    • Awww!! Your family should take you out to dinner on your actual birthday and then party with your friends soon after! When I was 19 I never wanted to go to the bar alone but after a while I just don't give a fuck lol I go to all the bars close by and now I know all the regulars and bartenders, it's not that bad, somebody will talk you up!

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  • Just have a party with alcohol at home. Your friends who don't know each other will become friends after a few shots. 😂


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  • I think you have to be a bit more precise, what are your interests? I say this because you have to make sure you do what YOU want. This may sound silly but many people throw parties to impress someone else, and that is not a good idea, the whole thing can end up feeling kinda forced.
    However generally a bit of alcohol can help ease up some tension beween your friends and make it kess awkward, and since you are just now allowed to drink it legally it is probably a must.
    Regarding your friends, I definitely think you should not leave out anyone you care about, no matter how awkward it might be for the others.
    Have fun and good luck!

  • I was gonna post something funny, but nvm. Here's a funny word I just made up: Illuminaffle


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