Help me pick an idea to draw?

There's this art competition and the theme is "Go Green". It's due this Friday and I'm still indecisive about what to draw.

Idea 1: A jester with a creepy smile standing in front of a post between two roads. The post has two signs, one pointing to the right, the road that leads to factories and dead trees, and on the sign is painted a dollar. The second sign that was pointing to the left road, the road that leads to greenery is broken.

Idea 2: Mother Nature as a human girl is crying, pieces of her face is falling out and orbiting around her, half her face is covered in smoke and factories and her tears are oil. But there are still parts of her face filled with green but they are scarce. Her hair is water but even that is half gone
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  • I choose jdea 2, But I have got a better idea. Draw a girl sleeping on a wooden log dressed in white lace dress , with one of her feet dipped in the water pond. A butterfly sitting on one of he fingers and her eyes looking at the open sky facing a rainbow. and birds and monkeys sitting on the trees in playful mood.


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