What's the weirdest thing you've seen on YouTube?


Just something that stands out from every other video you've watched

The weirdest for me was
A video called
"better use of vegetables"
I was 11 turning 12 I think

I was looking up how to make vegetables taste better/ do they really make you big and strong
I remember everything..

I clicked on this video and I saw a plate of
Carrots, and a cucumber,
A hand grabbed the plate and I'm just curious of what's going to happen

Next thing I know I see this like...
Really light purple looking slit with like water dropping out if it
I'm like what the hell is that?

They started jamming the vegetables in there and I'm just curious as to what the hell I'm watching
Then the camera zoomed out a little I saw legs spread wide open and after that
I knew what it was.. Just never seen one before, I was in shock...

I didn't know if I should click over to another video,
Tell someone..

This lady... Uploaded a video of herself
Using vegetables as toys..

The video ended and I didn't know what to do...
I just closed my laptop and sat there thinking
Every time I came home From school I would sit there and watch It.. It was so interesting.

Ofc the video was removed after like 4 days
I still look for it online to this day


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