Does anyone have any tips on content editing a novel with 113,018 words without completely rewriting it?

Im about to cry because I decided to take a break from writing after editing my book in August and Im planning on changing the plot. I really do not want to rewrite the entire novel. Should I reread it first before deciding to rewrite it? I want to change a few character motivations which will most likely cause a domino effect.
Im freaking out


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  • Unfortunately, you're going to have to do a lot of rewriting or else your novel is going to look like a hot mess and no one will buy it. You might have to go through and find parts of the novel that will be unnecessary after you change the overall plot and cut them. Also, usually when you change the plot, a lot of the times the first few chapters set up a story so you may not have to change those. If you have to, you'll probably end up rewriting the novel anyway.

    • I just realized that not all of the novel has to be rewritten, but I did not outline the first part of my novel, i only outlined the middle and the beginning of the novel, so its just going to take me longer to edit. Should i outline the entire story first with the new plot before I reread it?

    • Only if an outline helps you focus. But I think outlining it will help you pinpoint what parts of the novel you need to change and organize your thoughts.

    • I meant to say i only outlined the middle and the end of the novel. I like to write without an outline but when I started using an outlne later in the story, it made it easier for me to write. But i prefer to catch things as i write. Unfortunately i have a lot of plot holes that could have been fixed with an outline

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  • You're going to have find a way to trim 20-20K words from that, as most agents and publishers won't read first novels that exceed the 90K mark.

    But generally, young scribes overwrite like mad, so maybe if you go through it with a fine-tooth comb, you'll find you actually have 20K superfluous words that can be removed with affecting the plot. :)

    • The plot that I want to change it to will change a lot of character dialogue. I do not know where to start because i did not outline the first part of the novel :(

      I hope that by the time i get the content right, that its at least 90,000 words. Its a fantasy novel

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    • I do not know where to start to be honest. All i know is i want to change the plot and give less characters screen time

    • *Give certain characters less time

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  • I would reread you might find you can make changes without having to rewrite completely just go over a bit at a time

    • I had an epiphany a few minutes ago when I realized that I actually may not have to rewrite the entire novel. My biggest lesson from this is not making a complete outline. I only made an outline for the middle and the end, not the beginning

  • Great writer create their own stories. They are the masters of what they write. You can take ideas and inspiration from others. Do everything that is necessary to complete your story. Best of luck.

  • you could use google to search for the keywords of your characteristic descriptions and search for the fitting words in the text.


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