Good horror films on Netlfix?

I watched on that was rated 4 and a half stars and it was crap.
Need some good horrors to watch especially with Halloween coming up.


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  • Oh, I looove watching horror movies on netflix around this time. I don't know how many I've watched so far lol way too many 😋

    Hush was a really good one. Its about a deaf woman living alone in a forest and she discovers a man who just killed her best friend and neighbor and whos trying to get inside her house and kill her.

    The Curse of Chucky. Of course about the Chucky doll but this one was made in 2013. About a woman in a wheelchair who just recieved a doll in the mail and then suddenly things started happening that made it look like she is mentally ill because no one would believe her that a doll was out to get her and everyone close to her.

    Devil. About 5 people stuck on an elevator and one by one, each get killed because someone there is the devil in disguise.

    Dead Silence. About a man who lost his wife after recieving a ventriloquist doll in the mail one night. He seeks out who did it and discovers the dolls evil spirt from a dead ventriloquist who rips out her victims tongue and kills them if they scream when they see her.


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  • Depends on the country you live in. I'm from the UK and I definitely suggest movie Altar. It's UK horror. Just few drops of blood, but I LOVE THE END! 😀

    • I'm in the UK too.
      I appreciate the link, but I watch netflix from my xbox so is it on there?

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    • Not yet. I asked to for suggestions so I can watch them on Halloween.

    • So, it's after Halloween. Did you enjoy the movies?

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  • I asked this question too
    I'm not sure I'm still looking

    I'm watching shameless until I find some good ones

    • I watched 'Would You Rather' yesterday and that was quite good. More gory than scary but I prefer those films. That's why I love the Saw Franchise.

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    • Yeah, it's always sound that gets you rather than sight. But sometimes films don't give away their jump scares.

    • Yeah true
      I usually just cover them when it gets quiet

  • I do not know fear, but as a series of follow narcos

    • Yeah, my boyfriend is already making me watch that with him... not sure I'm that into it, but thanks for the suggestion.

  • omg omg omg your name!! I'm into dragons. 😝

    • ^_^
      I do love them a lot.

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    • I am my own agent 😎

    • Ugh, well get you to get in touch with my agent then 😂😂

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