Don't you just hate it when older people or condescending people on YouTube, like to act like they're more superior than the younger generation?

people just because they have better music in their time and even if some of the younger generation prefer their generation's song, they still talk shit about them, especially if they've first heard these songs through recent video games or films?

That seems to be a common trend on the internet (particularly on YouTube). To hate on any young sounding person (young enough to still be in high school) who's heard of a classic song first through a new film or video game yet would still shit on them (younger people) either way for listening to their own generation's songs.

Just read the comments in this youtube video link and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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  • It's annoying and the older generation screwed the world up. Look at who is running for office.


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  • It's not just on YouTube, it's like that everywhere. I'm not generalizing but they like to say statements like "when I was younger we didn't...".

  • Hmmmm 🤔🤔 there are some great songs from the 90s but it's not the best generation. Each generation has had something great about it. Though I'm not fond of this dumbass generation 😂😂

    • It's not to say that this generation isn't stupid. It is but I'm not the same as them and some old fucks just want to lump people like me in the same group as them because of my age, even when I clearly prefer more retro music and retro movies.

    • Again not everyone is the same..

  • Most people on the internet aren't what they say they are and are the younger people. Plus we really are better.

  • I don't like when any group acts in a condescending and patronising manner on any media.

  • Beat them up!! Show them who's boss then..


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