We've been treating weekdays like the weekend?

  • yes
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  • no
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  • i sleep in
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  • netflix and chill
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  • i watch dragonballz
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  • cell phone is pre-paid
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  • i forgot about time
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  • "We've been treating weekdays like the weekend?"

    Yeah... no.
    Study, read, study some more, watch t. v. when allowed to.
    Yeah, I think it is just you... lol

    • ahhhh lol
      i remember those days hun
      don't worry a few more years and you are free to
      study on your own
      party on your own
      enjoy life the way you want
      make crazy decisions you regret later in life lol
      ahh memories

    • Hahaha... lol xD

  • The song is not bad, I prefer "I Love It" - I tend to chill at the weekend


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