Will the new PR movie suck IYO?

The black guy in this film is smart but cowardly cautious type. The white guy (Zack efron knock off) is adventurous, brave and full of confidence and does stupid shit on impulse without of consequences (perfect leader right?). The pink one is like the red one except she's a girl version and hooks up with the red one. The yellow one is an attitude Hispanic who likes to fight (guess they they use the original personality from trini in the 90's when making the script). The Asian is a backgorund character who doesn't talk much and follows red rangers order without question.

Original Power rangers that hated homosexuals.

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  • And just when you think it's stopped it's running again...


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  • It will suck. Almost every single movie out today is just a rip off or remake of something that will never compare to the original.

    • This is true and why are people so stupid to keep paying to see the same movie basically over and over again just with better graphics?

    • Because ten bucks isn't a whole lot of money anyways.

  • I think the new movie looks good - I will give it a chance

  • Probably gonna suck but ill still see it


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