Which action movie star is the best Hall of famer?

Which action Hall of fame movie star would win your Hall of famer choice awards
  • Steven seagal
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  • chuck norris
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  • Bruce willis
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  • Tom cruise
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  • Keane reeves
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  • Jackie chan
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  • other please state while he/she is
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  • Samuel L. Jackson

  • Of those Jackie Chan or Bruce Willis

    • Jackie is the leading so far... did you know hevperfored his own hand made stunts... I watched a doc aboutique it on TV the other day... they were having a Jackie chan movie festival and played a show about him performing his own stunts

    • Yes I saw a show full of outtakes of his stunts.

    • When he was young like early 20stages he looked like Bruce Lee in a way. but in saw a movie where Bruce whipped him hard

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