Best science fiction movie?

Name few if u want.


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  • Back to the Future!!!

    I wouldn't mind a cruise in a flying DeLoreon...


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  • If you don't mind having to think a bit, Coherence was very good at dealing with parallel universes..

    Primer is probably the best time-travel movie I've ever seen, but it makes like no sense on the first viewing. If you really want to understand that one, you'll probably need to find an online flow chart of the plot.

    If you haven't seen Interstellar, you need to.

    I have tons more suggestions, but that's probably enough.

    • Interstellar done, I will definetly watch other two.

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    • @drummerdude25 .. one of the best.. no arguments!

    • Let's see, Europa Report was pretty good. It's about some scientists who go on the first manned flight to Europa and the troubles they face along the way and what they find there. It's filmed in a faux-documentary/found footage format, but a majority of the shots were still, so you don't have to worry about shaky-cam.

      Mr. Nobody was another I really enjoyed. It's set in a future where humans achieved immortality, and the last mortal human is being interviewed before he passes away. This one's a bit more "artsy" than the others I recommended, and you could probably call it a romance, so you might not enjoy it if you aren't into that. I loved it though because it really delves into splits in a timeline due to the choices we make.

  • I think Star Wars has made the most money. So if you use that as a gauge