Music fans, Anyone heard the new Kings Of Leon album?

I just watched an interview with Kings of Leon and their new album "Walls" on this mornings news and have been listening to it all morning. I like these guys. It's really good.
watch here

Anyone else like them?
  • I liked there hits from their 2008 album "Only By The Night" and loved it this new stuff sounds good too
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  • I remember their previous music but dont really have any interest in the new stuff
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  • I dont know them but I love all music and like what I hear here
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  • If they dont fit into the one catagory of music I listen to I won't be listening to them
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  • I know them, LOVE them and have already been listening to the new stuff
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  • I never liked them before but this new stuff sounds great.
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  • I've been a fan long before any of the hype
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Their newest video. Walls. A really pretty song.


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  • Haven't heard it but I don't like the band to begin with.

  • I think I am option A - I am enjoying the new stuff

  • Their new album is great. I've been listening too. Very familiar with their older album

  • i really just listen to king of the rodeo. that music video is cool.


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