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Halloween's a comin and people like me want to paint as many monsters/textures on their face as possible. I try to make my looks really dramatic, not painted cat nose and whiskers level, but full face transformation level. As a side note, I'm trying not to waste my fx wax. Tissues + tape are not a common thing in my house so body paint only. As another side note, I had to make the illustrations up there as examples cause my ideas are hard to find

+ little extra bit, I'll post a Mytake for the looks I've done on Halloween, do say if you want to be tagged

Pick yer favorite look or even add an idea you have below!

  • Muscle
    Vote A
  • Old
    Vote B
  • Galaxy (obviously won't be like the photo I used for a shortcut)
    Vote C
  • Old Cracked Doll with bugs and plants coming out
    Vote D
  • Holes (There will be blood)
    Vote E
  • Floral (Colors not the same, I just used a picture as a shortcut)
    Vote F
  • Filled (Might rethink the black, might turn into blood)
    Vote G
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  • I voted the hole one because I think it would be spooky for Halloween.
    Can you tag me?

  • Omg Galaxy wtfffffff that's so cool

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