Guys, Can I Run a High School Advise Column? (Please Help)?

Firstly, I'm in high school. I really love to help people out. I also adore writing. So, I know that it would be very possible to start some sort of school blog or magazine or something where I can run an advise column. My problem is, will anyone listen to me? It's not an insecurity issue. I'm literally asking will any of my classmates actually read that type of stuff. Do normal high schoolers pay attention to those things? I'm asking because I'm not a normal high schooler. My thoughts are very different than others.
I have this idea if I do start something: Every issue will include anonymous people telling their problems, and me anonymously giving advise to them. In the end will be a random short story about a characters who work through similar problems as the people in the column. I think it's cool, but I'm looking for other opinions and/or suggestions.


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  • Absolutely people will listen to you. You can make fliers or amateur magazines with some of your friends, and your popularity will sky rocket super quick. Awesome idea!

    • thanks. but how would i advertise my blog or whatever at school, if i'm an anonymous adviser?

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    • Okay, but what if I give advice that gets someone into trouble or something and they end up hating me, the real me, and not just advise columnist me.

    • It takes courage. Believe in yourself. You'll probably give good advice. You can always end by saying, "Hey, this is my opinion, do whatever you thinks best!"

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  • take a poll and figure out what is important to your peers. right about things that they are interested in, what will catch their eye and make them pick up the paper. It's not hard, you just have to get started and find your niche

    • thanks. i'll try doing some sort of pole.

  • Sure, but you should probably learn to spell advice first. ; - )

    • True, true. I'm not the best at spelling, but I'm working at it.

    • Just teasin'. You'll get there.

    • I'm hoping so.

  • I think they probably would - This site is similar and very popular


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