Why in the hell is this idiot the MVP?

Why in the hell is this idiot the MVP?
He's an idiot and he's so bad.


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  • Because he's the greatest shooter in NBA history, and because he led his team to a record-breaking 73 wins last year. Sure he had a great supporting cast, but he's clearly the best player on the best regular season team in NBA history.

    Although he was the best player in the regular season, LeBron took the crown of the best NBA player after his historic finals performance. Yes, LeBron is still the best player in the NBA.


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  • He is a great finisher, he pulled gsw out of some tight spots in the fourth quarter multiple times. He does better then anyone. Plus he's made so many shots from half court it's not even funny he's a great shooter. I think he deserved it over Kawhi and Lebron for sure. Who would you rather take it swaggy p lol that guy's a piece of shit.

    • steph can't even hold lebrons jock strap on a down year.. steph is overrated. if he's not making his shots, he's completely worthless

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    • Lebron is amazing of course I know that I think Lebron will be better then Mj when he retires.

    • i think he's better than him right now.. matter of fact, I've been saying that for 2 years now and people ABSOLUTELY kill me when i say it

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  • i dont know.. i can't stand him.. all he is is a shooter. if he's not hitting his shots, he's a completely worthless player

  • oh yeah, that guy is a no talent hack obviously.

    • he obviously has talent, nobody can take that away from him BUT he is one dimensional.. if his shot is off, he's worthless.. like lebron for example, if he's not scoring, hell still get assists, pull down a bunch of boards, and play lockdown D. but curry is totally 1 dimensional

  • Coz he's hot. Duh.

  • 17.9 win share.

    Yeah it's a mystery.


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