Selling Prints of Artwork?

Some of my friends and I have discussed selling some of our art pieces. We've had difficulties finding such a place.

Do any artists out there know of a company that I can send my original piece into, so that I could sell some prints?

If you've had any prior experience, it would be really helpful.

I'm not looking for a place to sell? I planned to use Etsy for that. I planned to buy prints, and then sell.

Where can I buy prints?


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  • Try Etsy, my company has had a little success selling art there.

    • Maybe I'm not communicating well?

      I want to find a site to buy prints. Then sell them.

      Can I buy prints from Etsy? Do they function like commissions?

      I was planning to use Etsy to sell; where can I buy prints from?

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    • *PM you... sorry

    • I use canvas pop to process prints, as a company you get a discount if you need a partnership (for the discount) let me know.

  • I have ever thought to use bidding online.
    But bidding website is not successful where I am
    I think the way suit artwork

  • There must be someone online who deals in this kind if stuff


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