How do I get more views on my ghost hunting videos?

I make these ghost hunting videos on Youtube and I am wondering how to get more views. We film them kind of guerrilla style for the most part, going in with psychic mediums and a paranormal investigation team with no idea what will happen. So for us it's pretty exciting when stuff does happen, but I'm afraid it's tame compared to horror movies because we keep it real (we do add some re-enactments, but those are obvious, but we are not faking anything when the actual medium/investigators/crew are talking about their experiences). Here is our latest one:


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  • that is a toughie... Find out what people want to see If you want real videos, there still might be a way to provide that for them. Maybe taking them on full tours of the property, providing great detail about the ghosts sightings, i'm sure you are already doing this. find out what your viewers want that's the best advice i got


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  • You could have a special episode where you invite a viewer to go on the show for an episode to verify the credibility.

  • You probably won't who wants to see that


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