Have you seen Black Mirror season 3?

If you haven't heard of "Black Mirror" it is sort of like a modern day "Twilight Zone", except that there is a focus on the technological advancement of humans and how that affects/could affect our society. If you're going to binge watch a season then prepare for your mind to be fucked with.

The "Shut Up and Dance" episode fucked me up. That twist at the end made the whole story fit together. That is what I like about Black Mirror - once you have watched an episode you can watch it again and notice all of these clues that point directly to the twist at the end.

What did you think of it? Which episode is your favourite? Which episode did you not like?
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  • I have seen some of the previous seasons, but not yet the 3rd season
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  • I have seen some of the previous seasons, and I didn't like them so I probably won't watch season 3.
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  • I haven't seen any of the Black Mirror episodes (I highly suggest that you do)
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  • Wait season 3 is out? Since when? Yeah I really liked a few of the episodes especially the one with the couple cheating

  • I haven't seen it yet, but the trailer looks dope

  • Never heard of it.


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