Do you think today's generation of console gaming is unfortunately pathetic, considering how PS4 and Xbox One are desperately?

trying to become like Gaming PCs, when the specs of these two consoles are still far behind today's gaming PCs with the most up-to-date graphics cards?

This isn't to bash console gaming. I actually loved playing on almost all Nintendo consoles, PS2, PS3 and the Xbox 360 but today's consoles (at least only the PS4 and Xbox One) are now not only competing with each other but also trying to compete with PC gaming out of desperation. Out of all the 3 top tier gaming console brands (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo), it seems as if Nintendo's the only one that's staying away from the competition and just does their own thing with more original ideas and many great 1st party games as an alternative for gamers, especially with their recently announced Nintendo Switch.

Again, not to bash on console gaming, just a little disappointend with today's generation of console gaming.
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  • Still playing on my ps3 sometimes, but I mostly keep it at pc gaming since i need the processing power😁


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  • Nope, I actually prefer console games, especially fighting games.


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