What did you think of the season premier of the walking dead?

no spoilers for those who've not seen it yet. please be respectful :)

It was a good episode, but i feel they tried way too hard to make it shocking and actually crossed the line and made certain scenes comical. if you have ever seen any of the troma films you'll know where im coming from.

It just felt a bit too try hard for my liking, but im looking forward to seeing how the gang copes from here on out and how relationships between characters will change.


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  • I believe they did it pretty well. They did have some good elements of surprise. And I'm glad they killed someone important - killing off a lesser character wouldn't have had the same impact.

  • So emotional dude... that ending :/
    I don't think they went to far, I think it was perfect, it had to be like that.
    I was right with my guesses though :P