Anyone with Dance experience?

Hello, So I'm thinking about taking a dance class for an extracurricular activity, when I was ten years old I took a ballet class at my local rec center my teacher was ex-military and she wasn't supportive, although I was good and advanced faster than other girls and after two weeks I skipped ahead of the beginner class to a class with girls who were older than me, I enjoyed the dancing in and of itself but the girls were catty and my teachers sucked, I either want to try ballroom dance or ballet again, but I'm scared that I will have a crappy experience again, if I do ballroom any tips?


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  • I love Ballet and I used to Practice this in my own Living Room as a Young Girl. I had once Studied their Moves and Grooves, and Admired the Ballerina with her Pointy toe Shoes.
    However, as I grew older, I just enjoyed all Sorts of dancing. I even Took to Loving a Great Janet Jackson, which I also Did very well.
    Take the Class, you will Not be sorry.
    Good luck, hun. xx


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  • Play Just Dance on the home console with your friends instead.


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  • follow ur dreams

  • I do take dance classes but its for Latin dance

    • that's okay do you have any tips, I'm nervous if I choose ballroom that I won't like my partner?

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    • well thank you for your input it helped alot!

    • Not a problem :)

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