Metro players, which game is your favourite?

Vote chuvaks, I haven't played stalker yet but I'll add cheeki breeki as an option for stalker players anyway

@SnowHearth < special mention to this chuvak
  • Metro players, which game is your favourite ?Metro 2033 (original)
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  • Metro players, which game is your favourite ?Metro 2033 (redux)
    Vote B
  • Metro players, which game is your favourite ?Metro LL
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  • Metro players, which game is your favourite ?Cheeki Breeki
    Vote D
  • Metro players, which game is your favourite ?For non-metro players only
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  • A NUUUUU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE! But Metro series is pretty amazing too. Just needs more squatting gopniks.

    • Well that could be the story line for one of the next metro games

      Artyom's son is born, he becomes a gopnik then squats near a fire drinking vodka telling stories about how his dad killed the dark ones

      Metro 2053

      I'm going to try the HD mod for Stalker CoP soon, I hope the xray engine doesn't crash on me

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  • At the moment, Metro is in my steam wishlist, but alas I haven't played it. A friend of mine who did constantly talked about it though.

    • my chuvak, when the redux bundle is on sale I think you should pick it up. When it comes to metro I'd say it's more of an experience then a game, you won't regret it

    • That I will do. But I have a personal rule to not buy new games until I've finished everything in my library.

      Well unless it's super cheap.

    • That's actually a good rule, that kind of restraint will help you in the metro you know

  • Just bought the pack on sale on Steam, will give it a try... eventually.

    • Chuvak, you made the right choice, If you're ever looking for advice just come to me comrade, ok?

  • Last light

    • is that the redux version? I don't know if you've seen the dev pack yet but that random NPC with the broom. . . that was definitely different

      Also what was your favourite / least favourite part?

  • The Original Metro game is the best

    • my chuvak, did you play both the original and redux?

    • I didn't have a chance to play the redux, maybe it was better

    • I preferred the original myself (due to the control scheme) but redux did make a lot of improvements. Overall redux has a lot more polish to it

  • Looks like a really shitty Fallout 3..

    • It is way better than Fallout 3 tho. Maybe even better than F4 too.

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    • Which video? The one up top or the one I just posted? Anyway the game/series itself is based on a book, you can read the book if you want more depth but the story of the game and book differ slightly

      Yeah, it's basically a shooter but it plays differently to most shooters

    • You could not be more wrong comrade. Fallout is fun. Metro is life. Stalker is CHEEKI BREEKI

  • +1 y ago

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