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Okay, so I'm a writer. Preferably romance/fantasy/teenage fiction. Something around those lines, ya know? I'm currently suffering from writers block. Could anyone help me out? Just some simple storylines of sort.


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  • There's a clown, right? He falls in love with a trapeze artist but the artist dies in a freak accident, right? The clown spirals out of control until a younger trapeze artist saves him from himself, right? But the clown is afraid to lose them so he pushes them away but really they are all he needed all along, right?

    The clown's name is Alfie.


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  • Create a character, write down their appearance, emotions, feelings, habits, moods, customs, relations, likes... you'll see you will get more ideas as your write down.

    • I mean, I've written many books before but I want to see what others would be interested in, while helping myself out at the same time. If that makes any sense at all 😂

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    • I saw you profile and read you want to be an editor, that's cool. When I was studying at the university I worked as editor to pay for my studies. It's an amazing job, if you love reading more than writing. Having a good eye for finding mistakes, weaknesses, and other negative stuffs helps a lot.

    • Yes! I absolutely love to read and have a knack for finding mistakes. I've noticed, in some published books, mistakes that editors had missed. Funny, because my friends didn't realize the mistakes until I pointed them out.

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