Excited for the Nintendo Switch? Are you going to get one?

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  • Not really excited about it. Nintendo is kinda in the habit of Sega was where they just roll out systems then doesn't do much with it thereafter. The Wii U was a complete bust so I'd be weary of Nintendo systems.

    • I disagree. The Wii U was an alright system I did get my love for it. I bought 47 games for my Wii U and many are amazing gems that were exclusives to it. No system this generation could match the quality of Wii U games at all. The only comparable game with quality could be Star Wars battlefront which is an amazing game. Bottom line the Wii U was great just lacked an advertising campaign which was completely nonexistent. It also lacked a Zelda game too. NX just needs a great marketing campaign, great launch titles and it will be amazing!

  • Not really.. I like the portability, but it's not going to be high end like PS4. Also I doubt the 3rd party support after launch.

    • How do you know it's not going to be high end? They haven't released specs yet and supposedly elder scrolls remastered may be coming to it which is also coming or has came to the PS4 within this month. Besides that, nvidia is designing an extremely high tech chip so why wouldn't it be very powerful. It should surpass specs of PS4 easily as it is a much older console.

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    • you just read that now? Anyway me and my buddies all have gaming channels and a collab channel as well All pretty much back in the day games..

    • Wow that's pretty cool! I am so busy with both college, work and my game design hobby plus playing some Nintendo games that I don't have anytime to make a YouTube channel always wanted to though. What type of stuff do you do on your channel? Podcasts, gameplays, reviews, discussions?

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