Why is nobody subscribing to me?

Okay, i have a complaint more than a question... I've been active on YouTube for four years now, and my channel has about thirteen hundred and fifty nine subscribers. It can be found here. But recently, i've noticed that I've lost passion for YouTube and uploaded two final videos, which can be found below.

Today (or rather, yesterday,) I noticed that it wasn't that I wasn't losing passion for youtube, per se, but I was just losing passion for uploading video games. Face it, I only have access to my phone and my laptop at my moms, which is every weekend, so I have to pull enough content to last two weeks. And uploading five videos over a three day period (one video Friday, one video Saturday, two videos on sunday) is actually rather draining. So i uploaded another video, which can be found below.

Put together, those three videos have about 71 views apiece (32 views on one, 29 on another, 10 on the third.)
I created my newer channel, entirely for music, early yesterday. The videos on my NEW channel can be found below

Those videos have 36 views altogether. (10 on one, 10 on another, 16 on the third, which I deleted from this question because G@G only allows five videos on a question at a time). Yet nobody is putting forth the effort to subscribe to me, and I know people recognize me from my four other channels. I even put in my channel trailer, "If this video isn't an incentive enough to subscribe, here's a f##king subscribe button" of course i didn't actually include the word f##k but you know what I mean. It's just curious to me, is all. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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  • What are you whining about? Dude my channel doesn't even have 500 and I started it in 2006. I don't care. It's not about the subs, it's about the fun you have making videos!

    • I'm not whining about anything, and i don't care about the subs. I'm just fucking curious is all. How the fuck am i WHINING if i'm just asking a fucking QUESTION?

    • Whoa calm down there little buddy.. Curious my ass though, look at your question title!

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