Who's your Halloween stalker 😈?

The person on your birth month is your Halloween stalker 😈😂

Mines : January , but I've no idea who he is 😳

Who's your Halloween stalker 😈?


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  • January = Leather face (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)


    I got the pennywise clown and I don't have clownphobia so I wouldn't really be bothered. I'd just let the clown in my house, he could sleep in my bed and everything


    • Oh thanks for that. 👍I've never seen that movie. He looks scary af 😱😂

    • he's not scary though, he's just misunderstood. No one understands him so he has to chop people up and eat them and put them on meathooks you know? That's just life

      Seriously though, those in July will not survive

    • Lol Micheal Myers has always terrified me and Jeepers creepers lol

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  • I don't afraid from the stalkers like that:)) Am I a witch? lol


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