What is your ideal Nintendo Switch bundle?

What is your ideal Nintendo Switch bundle?
Mine is a standard Nintendo Switch , with dock, joy con grip, physical copy of legend of Zelda breath of the wild , what ever game included with basic unit , and pro controller. For $374.99.

People tell me your dream bundle for this system (what it includes and price).


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  • IS THAT ACTUALLY A REAL PICTURE? O. O I must have that and it would match my 3ds!

    I do know that the Nintendo switch isn't worth more than $250.00


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  • i won't be buying one at launch. i got fucked over for supporting the wii and wii u so it won't happen again.

    those consoles had great potential and nintendo did nothing to utilise it. I won't be buying another nintendo console until im convinced its not going to sat on a shelf gathering dust after the first month.

    • Wait until January 12, that is when Nintendo will talk more about Switch. Also worth mentioning that the pro controller is compatible with all games.

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