Do you consider Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd an AOR album?

A guy here was claiming it is AOR. Personally I don't.

So I am asking the rest of you what you believe.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Why can't you just spell it normally?
    You'd save yourself a lot of moments where people don't ask you what it means... and you having to answer with whatever answer you choose...

    Yeah, it is. At least I think so.

    • That means people are very poor when it comes to music knowledge, if someone doesn't know what AOR means. Or at least they don't know about what Rock was in second half of the 70s and all through the 80s.

      Anyway, DSOTM was released before AOR appeared. So I consider it Progressive Rock personally.

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    • OK in the 80s they made a shift to a more commercial Rock sound.

    • Thank you for the mho!

  • What the fuck is AOR?

    • Google it. Gosh are people here not aware what was happening in music before the 90s?

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    • Thank You. I do hope that was quite painless for you. :)

    • 11 mo ago

      Thank you for the MHO.

Most Helpful Guys

  • No because I don't know what the fuck AOR is and you keep talking about it but nobody cares.

    • Google it then.

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    • So you get annoyed by those questions and you don't get annoyed by questions of the type "Girls, do you want to see my dick?".

      And ask an Admin what the site is this about. Of course you are reported by the way.

    • You don't know what questions I get annoyed by.

  • No one fucking cares about fucking aor

    • No one fucking cares about your fucking opinion.

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    • So what?

    • Don't get happy about MHO... you were just a little bit politer than the other guy. A little bit.

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