Are any of you looking forward to the Wonder Woman live-action movie next year on June 9th?

The trailer looks very promising so far.

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  • I find it intriguing that the actress portraying Wonder Woman has no bosoms.

  • yes I hope we get to know her character more cuz she just showed up in BVS without single clue who she is

    • Yeah, that movie didn't do any justice at all to either Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. They had Batman go almost completely out of his comic book character by breaking his most important moral code (not killing anyone) and the film didn't give any background of Wonder Woman for those who've never read a single Wonder Woman comic book in their lives.

    • exactly I never read comics and definitely this wasn't a Batman he was more like cruel fuckin bastard

  • Nope, i'm not into movies like these.

  • Yes. I hope they don't turn her into a woman who needs a man. That is the opposite of what she is. But they just might have her get rescued by the leading male.

    • I hope for two things, they don't make her needy for a man (out of her character) and don't make her into a feminazi like some of the animated Justice League movies/TV series and the animated Wonder Woman movie have made her (which how she was almost never portrayed in most of her comic books).

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    • I said Feminazi, not Feminist. Two different things.

    • @Aztecwarrior480 Oh you mean "Misandry" .

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