Post your shit?

No not your actually shit! πŸ‘Š answer these:

1. What music genres do you like?
2. Who are you favorite musicians?
3. How important is music to you?
4. What theme? (Like happy, depressed creepy, etc)
5. Post song (s) that you like


1. Pretty much all metal, rap , hip hop, edm... meh kind of lol
2. Suicide Silence, $uicide Boy$, Hopsin, Avenged Sevenfold
3. Music is what keeps me from hanging myself
4. I'm more of a depressed, scary, creepy theme guy. I don't know y lol I'm religious but very open haha


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  • 1. Folk, Folk Rock, classic, pop, pop rock, metal, rock, blues,
    2. Jonathan Coulton (JoCo), Jimi Hendrix (RIP), Taj Mahal, Nickelback, Beatles, Imagine dragons and...
    3. It's important to me more than my soul
    4. quiet, loud.
    5. RE: your brains by JoCo, Radioactive by Imagine dragons, Rocking in the rain by me.


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