Best drummer out there?

Most people will say Peart, but he was the best for his time. I think Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree is my favourite, as he is quite aware of how he plays, and what he plays. His drum kit is WAY better than Pearts, and it is less 'busy'.

Of course, this is only my opinion, and I am curious to hear what other people have to say!

PS, if you don't know who Gavin Harrison is, check him out on YouTube. He was featured on Drum Solo Week, on Letterman, as he played 'The Chicken'.


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  • Steve Gadd remains withou parellel.

    • He's also my favourite, as Gavin Harrison is influenced by him! What I love about Gadd is that it takes a keen sense of finesse to replicate his feel... His playing on the track Aja is legendary. Fagen and Becker told him to 'Play like hell' during those saxophone solos. xD

      According to some personnel, Gadd's playing on Aja was so visually apealing, that some people got distracted whilst recording... :)

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    • ; - ). ; - )

    • Hahahahahah ;D

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  • I'm a big fan of Nic Pettersen of Northlane... he "fills in the gaps" like no drummer I've ever heard. Really creative stuff...

  • Jason Costa from All that remains... he goes hard and never goes home 🤘

    • He's quite good too! I notice that he habitually uses traditional grip, which is EXTREMELY rare nowadays... The only people that use traditional, are jazz drummers, and he is a metal drummer!

  • Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) is one of my favourites. Not as flashy as Peart, but he has done some really neat stuff for those bands.

  • Neil Peart
    Mike Portnoy
    The Rev

  • Travis Barker

    • Not that I am questioning you your opinion, but how so? Elaborate on makes him your favourite.

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