Will you guys play this game?

I think this is something that a lot of people on gag need to play. All media, has an agenda. There's more love than hate out there. Will you guys play this game and then share your thoughts? Thanks.



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  • we're all so full of hate bc we need to feel like we belong so we try to diferentiate ourselves from other people and by hating together the ties become stronger
    you and me may like the same things but if we dislike different things we won't get along as well as we would if we hated the same things
    that's how i perceive it

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. you're the first person to actually play and provide some insight.

    • np, not sure if it's the game message exactly but playing it made me remember what I was thinking last Sunday, I get really anthropological when im coked up lol especially when I'm surrounded by a lot of people, I watch like a creep 👀 and talk and joke a lot so they can't tell I'm trying to get in their heads 😂

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  • I'll play any game but I can't play it right now so I'm saving my space, be patient, the game's still loading for me



    P. S. i1.kym-cdn.com/.../4c2.png

    • Lol what is that last meme? xD

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    • I don't watch the news either, but I figured it would be of relevance considering all that's going on especially in reference to this year's election.

    • ahh I get you, the whole left wing vs right wing thing, if you guys want to fight about it that's ok with me, I ain't involved

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  • Before I click the link, what is it basically? I don't want to read it if it's a sexual game like roll play sexting.

    • I'm not a pervert, I would never share anything like that on here. It's about the media causing mass hysteria. It's not even that long of a game but the message is deep.

  • What is it? Doesn't load on phones.


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