What would you do, if a desire to urinate occurred during a "Lucky Egg" session in Pokemon GO?

Happened to me today. I was holding my pee for 20-25 minutes, till the "Lucky Egg" session ends, and evolve all the Pokemon who were about to be evolved, in order to gain more EXP.

I evolved 75 in total this time. Hehe.


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  • id go pee, because i dont play pokemon go.


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  • Best to bring a friend with you next time, they hold the phone while you go and find a public restroom nearby in that case.

    • I always evolve Pokemon at my home. Because if I am outside I might have troubles with internet connection so it's not convenient.

    • Then have a friend come over or if you have a brother or sister maybe they can watch your phone and evolve it for those brief moments when you have to go take a leak.

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