What kind of TV shows would you want to see?

I need to write the plot for a 'Netflix Original' and I need ideas for a tv show. What would you guys want to see?


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  • I know Vampire stories have been done a lot but this one is the best I've ever seen.
    It's from a video game, it was a very ambitious project one of the first games that had multiple endings based on your decisions. It had great characters and voice acting, you could play in many different ways. Anyway the world that it plays in is really cool. The vampires are strong but outnumbered by humans so they live hidden and if anybody breaks the rules of the masquerade they usually get kiled. The camarilla are the people in charge theyir the elitists and they uphold order.
    There's a group called the anarchists who are sceptical of power and anti authoritarian they're free thinkers and rebels and don't like to suck up to power. Then there's the Sabbat who are in open rebellion with violence but they're mostly braindead idiots. You can pick from different clans with different powers and affinities to different fighting styles. You get turned into a Vampire while having sex. The person says I wanna show you something and then you hear a gasp, but creating new vampires is forbidden unless you have permission so your sire as they're called gets killed. And you're thrown into the powerstruggle and have to survive somehow and get stronger.
    The studio who made the game went bankrupt because they were aiming too high. The game is still awesome though. There's other stories about this universe though. I'd love to see a tv show made about this it would be aswesome. I'd watch every episode no doubt :). The graphics are dated because it's a old game but still one of my favorites :).


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  • A period series, something similar to Elisa di Rivombrosa. I don't know if you know it or if it was even translated to English but I loved it (especially the 1st season).


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  • You could do a superhero thing in which the hero makes hard choices that eventually make them the villain. At the beginning of each season a new hero would emerge and defeat the villain from the previous season, only to become the new villain by the end.

    I also had the idea of something 'darker' than this, but it's incomplete..

    • That's a really good idea, could I possibly use this?

    • of course :-)

    • it has to be done really well, though. You can't just have a turning point where the 'hero' does something out of character, or it ruins the whole story.

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  • wizards of waverly place maybe