Has anyone seen bad moms?

I watched it theaters and it just hit redbox recently. I will post what I thought, but first I wanted to see what everyone else thinks of it. Was it a good experience or a bad one? (pun not intended, lol) Was it an honest movie? Can you relate to it in some way? Just Curious...
Has anyone seen bad moms?
Has anyone seen bad moms?


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  • It was a comedy, aimed specially at the females, just like The Hangover were mainly aimed at Males.

    As a comedy it was okay'ish, it had some good bits in it, but overall a very average movie.

    Like I said it was just a comedy movie, it's purpose was to entertain and no I did not relate to it in anyway, I saw it for what it was, A Comedy.

    • I saw it being a little more than that. It was not completely a comedy, it had heart. It was not silly to just be silly, like naked gun or scary movie, it was making a statement about modern motherhood and letting moms know that they don't have to be perfect to be good parents. Do you agree?

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    • To be honest, the way it's worded and written, I wouldn't be surprised if these are one of those 'paid' reviews.

      That's called marketing.

    • yeah ghostbusters was rumored to have that.

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  • Aha... the movie... no not yet


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