Collecting Ebooks Vs Physical books?

Hey so I pretty much like to read and collect books form my fav types of book series but im not too sure if i should collect any series in physical copy or start moving to collect them more into e book version?

Does anyone else who reads have any good suggestions or even pros and cons of them both or another idea all together about it?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ebooks are very cheap, cheaper than physical copies but if you want to show off your collection on a bookcase then you can't do that with an ebook. However ebooks dont deteriorate and dont take up a lot of space (but may get wiped if something happens to your iPad or kindle or kindle account)
    Personally; love collecting the physical copies, shows authenticity and reading off a screen strains my eyes abit


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  • Actual book...
    ... pros:
    - It's nice to go to the bookshop.
    - New books smell nice.
    - What's cooler than a bookshelf from the floor to the ceiling filled to the brim with books?
    ... cons:
    - You need space.
    - You can't take them with you when traveling (at least not all of them).

    ... pros:
    - In most cases cheaper.
    - You can take your whole 'library' with you wherever you're going.
    ... cons:
    - If an author isn't that well known, his or her books might not be available digital.
    - Still quite pricey for not being anything physical.


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