Do you HAVE to use a headset for recording video games?

I'm referring to commentary. Do I really need a headset when I can use separate headphones and a microphone instead?

I mean, the headphones won't even affect the commentary or anything will they? As far as I know, they will only make it sound better for me while I'm playing.

The thing is, I need new, high quality headphones for everyday use, and I was wondering if I can use them while recording gameplay instead of buying a new headset too.

Do you HAVE to use a headset for recording video games?
Headphones and Mic:

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  • I don't record myself, but I watch a lot of gaming related videos and streamers. All the most "professional" people prefer separate mic for streaming and recording. One very poplar is called "blue yeti" or something. I'm sure you find better answers from some gaming related forums. Google will probably tell.

    • Thanks, I've noticed it as well

  • A separate mic often has better sound quality than a headset mic

  • Hell no. I got away with just using the headphones I use for listening to music just fine. So long as you have a decent mic you should be good