How lyrically amazing am I and would Rihanna like this song on some racial unity type message?

I'm working on new song to submit Rihanna / roc nation, I wondered this song would be good enough? this would be a hit song once it complete.

come to the party your all cover in roses /
body part sexuality exposes /
in bathtub boy round you /
no end this night to end to the light/

light covering lights ,
hits party action do bright.
we pray for rain /
HITS hot and humid when we do it.

all time when ladies dancing/
ON Stage a open mic/
this singer can sing/
let bright being shine on stage//
smell of burning sage/
peepS smoking all sort of shiit/
SO much money being sent like it late month rent/
shattered chandelier while standing here /
all falls in your glasses like ice/


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  • Need a beat man, then you got it. Learn how to make beats and start a career

    • I've already made beats and stared a career ;) you have anything to collaborate on?

    • on level I'm on I'm ready drop albums :) come aboard.

    • Nah. I never figured out Logic Pro X. I went into academics instead of art. If you need help reading or writing a contract though, I collaborate on that kind of stuff. You're lyrics are pretty good though!

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