I'm throwing a finals party after we all finish out finals to blow off some steam. What are some great 10 poeple party games? That we can play?


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  • Damn I wish I was invited to a finals party. Anyways here's some ideas:

    1. Charades
    2. Manequin Challenge
    3. Musical Chairs
    4. Two Truths and A Lie
    5. Twister
    6. Truth or Dare
    7. Spin the Bottle


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  • Try a pool party! If you do, bring in music by the Beach Boys!

    • Good suggestion but it is to cold for it. There are to many poeple coming so we could not just sit in the jacoozi

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  • Great idea, never had one of those.

    Dancing with music. If can spend a few $, go to a party supply place, get a theme banners and hang them up to create a different kind of setting. I got NYC... was fun. play music off youtube.
    Card games... althoughI find them boring
    LIFE! Fun game because make kids, etc.. not very competitive

  • Get a piñata to beat out the stress! Lol
    You can play a game outside like soccer or baseball. That way lots are involved. I like the ideas already posted.
    Make sure you always have music playing in the background!

    • lol well we would need about 8 pinatas then. Or a solid one with weak sticks.
      So why do you suggest having music in the backround?

    • Having throw a few parties having a background noise helps with silent or awkward moments. Don't have the music loud, but have it on a medium volume with a good station playing. Helps with convo starts too!

    • K thanks Penny

  • Celebrities.

    • how would we play that?

    • So I say Tom Hanks and the first name of the celebrity the second person names has to begin with an H.

      Hillary Swank. The responder can say Steve Martin but if he really wants to win he can say Susan Sarandon. Double letters turn it The other way in a circle of players.

      It's mainly fun for the peeps that play it all the time. You can turn it around easy by naming Michael Moore, Marilyn Monroe

    • o ok well if we did that I would always lose. I'm not at all up on any celebrities. I doubt to many of the others have for celebritis either. Exocet shurelock and doc who.

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