Do you prefer digital files or a physical copy for movies, games and books?

Video games, books, movies, academic books, music etc.
Do you prefer digital copies or would you rather have a physical item in your hand in return for money?

Video games are a mix of both
Movies are better in digital files (netflix, on demand etc)
Books in physical copy are easier to read

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  • Digital
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  • Both
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  • Digital whenever possible for me, but only because it's easy to make backups of digital copies. Despite DRM, but I understand that DRM is the reason why many people would prefer to go with physical copies, although there are ways to bypass DRM.

    Digital copies don't take up any or large amounts of physical space. You could store large quantities of them if you use compression for your files, and use something like a small and portable hard drive or store them onto a cloud service, but that's only if you don't have a lot of space to store large quantities of physical items.

    For books, I rather have them in digital format and read them from a tablet or e-book reader.


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  • I've always preferred physical copies, which is funny, because I work in IT, so digital would make more sense.

    Physical copies have just always seemed more "right" to me, though.

  • Books- physical

    Games and Movies - digital (I love being able to change games or movies without having to get up and change the disk)

  • I prefer Digital because physical sometime can get lost or forgotten and you need to find it in order to excess but with digital, I can just access whenever I wanted.

  • physical copies

  • I do whatever.