Choose the next Batman?

So out of these options who would you choose to be the future batman? And I gotta be honest I think Kevin Spacey would be interesting if he was actually fit.

Actually no I change my mind I want Spacey as a batman villain.


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  • Maybe Mark Wahlberg out of that list. But if you want another goofy for the laughs kind of Batman movie like how Batman and Robin was, then Adam Sandler or Owen Wilson. If that is what they're aiming for, but it would probably flop like Batman and Robin did.

    I doubt Bale would come back since that reboot version was always meant to be Nolan's trilogy. Maybe if Nolan reboots and make a new trilogy or decide to expand beyond his trilogy. As long as Nolan is still involved I can see that it would be possible, otherwise, nope, not really a chance.

    But whatever, just no sidekicks like Robin if they are going for a more serious darker tone. But if they really only want to just make people laugh at Batman, then use any of the actors from comedy movies and include Robin in it.

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    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I think Kevin Spacey would do a good job. Heaven forbid we got Adam sandler for a Batman. If that ever happens, I will switch to marvel, because I will lose the little respect I have for DC now.


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