Who is your role model?

I don't have any role model. It's not necessary to me for some reasons


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  • I don't have any one person in my life that I aspire to, but I do have many people that I respect for a variety of reasons.

    My grandmother survived the death of a child.
    My mother moved across the country as a young women.
    My grandfather traveled the world.
    My father is crazy smart.
    A elementary teacher who showed me the joy of art.

    I don't want to be any of these people, but I do hope that I can live my life with their strength, intelligence, perseverance, and joy.

    • For a variety of reasons? 😊

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    • But I don't want help lmao I've always been a strong person and I've been through a lot of things. I'm just not self-pitying about it like you're used to see people to. And that stigma exists for a reason. Many therapists SEE therapists themselves. That's a huge double standards. Lol that is why I never take that kind of stuff seriously

    • You just proved my point. Always want to seek what is wrong or what could be wrong. Stop. God is and had been with me from the beginning. Don't wanna be rude but God is more powerful than any therapist/psychologist I was supposed to meet.

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