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Dope Song

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  • I honestly don't like it, but I mean, don't take it personally. I honestly have never found a rap band I really liked outside of Rage Against The Machine.

    Granted, that's probably because I can latch on to the rock aspects and the groove. Rap on the other hand is basically the opposite of my musical choice. There's less melodic components, less complicated instrument parts, generally an unevenly mixed/mastered track (with too much bass), often lyrics not very classy, and there is often a lack of singing. I'm also not a big fan of the idea of sampling things.

    There just really isn't nothing to latch on to for me.

    It doesn't help either that my dorm neighbor my freshman year of college would blast rap music bass through the wall at all times of day/night.

    • Good to know i respect your opinion 👍🍻

    • And I thank you for that 👍. I'm a bit unfamiliar with rap subgenres, but is this a trap rap subgenre? I think I hear this around campus a lot lol

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  • I like it because it's peaceful and calming.

    • Good to Know glad you liked the song 👍💯🍻

  • Crap

    • Sais the guy with the name mostwomensholdstfu lol

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    • It means your a f***** Retard

    • And the reason you believe that? What's your logic? Explain it. I dare you.

  • sucks ass

  • Mr criminal over this little bitch any day.

    • Mr criminal is cool but he can't rap as good as lucky, plus lucky luciano & mr crminal are homies why the hate?

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    • then look at my profile pic

    • I have no idea where trying to get at

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