For anyone who bought the iphone 7, can you tell me about your experience with it so far?

What month did you purchase?
What color did you get?
What phone did you upgrade from?
Did you get the 7 or 7 Plus?
Are you on 1-2 year contract or did you buy the phone in full?

I'm considering getting one this month, but aye if you're #TeamAndroid, then just say so lol.
  • Sorry, team Android
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  • I bought the 7/7plus and i love it
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  • I bought the 7/7plus but i hate it
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  • I have a 6/6s so I didn't feel it was necessary to upgrade
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  • I still have an iphone 4/5 and am considering upgrading as well
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  • I preordered a 7 but it still hasn't arrived yet
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Most Helpful Guys

  • 7+ had it for 1-2 week i guess. if you're an iphone user, there won't be any big changes, no doubt it's pretty fast than my 6s but i feel it's waste of money. i rather get a Windows phone than android.

    • Well the iphone i have now is the first and only iphone i ever had lol. So the 7 would be my second. But what storage did you buy? 32GB or 128GB?

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    • I'd be on 2 year contract. Thats fine by me lol

    • cool, you should i guess.

  • I just got the Google pixel, and trust me, it's amazing (so far)

    • It looks amazing! I kinda one try but I don't know

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    • You were the most helpful lol although you make me want a pixel instead haha

    • Well awesome! Pixel 4 lyfe ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • i love iphone 7 but i don't know if i will be able to get it...

    • Yea im willing to pay $250 for the 128 GB but I'll be in 2 year contract

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  • ı am not rich enough to buy it lol

  • Eww apple


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