What Music Do You Recommend?

I typically listen to hip-hop, rap, psychedelic rock, metal, electronic, etc. I just want to expand my collection. Please mention artist/band names as wells as your favorite songs.


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  • I love rock and hip hop. Try Good Charlotte, Missy Elliot, little Kim, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers


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  • Music has sort of changed for me as I've gotten old. I don't listen to contemporary music anymore and tend towards listening towards soundtracks of musicals or even live recordings of shows. Just listening to a song is no longer enough for me as I seem to want to listen to something that gives me a little more of an experience (i. e. reliving a live show experience).

    So yes, I recommend soundtracks or bootlegs of Broadway musicals.



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  • Now I am listening to Dakota's self-titled album from 1980. I doubt that you'd like it judging by your typical taste in music, but it worths a listen in my opinion.

    Also (if in case you liked it):

    Toto - Hydra (1979)
    Trillion - Self-Titled (1978)
    Harlequin - Love Crimes (1980)
    Touch - Self-Titled (1980)
    Journey - Escape (1981)


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