Does anyone have any tips on how to write my Harry Potter gay fanfic with Snape and Harry?

Ok so I read all the HP books and I saw the movies and I have this hot theory that Harry and Snape had a lot of sexual tension and they finally fucked during the half blood prince. In my fanfic they are secret lovers and they have sex during Occlumency lessons so that no one knows what they are doing.

First paragraph:
Harry had knew that Snape had a long wand, but he had never seen a wand as long as this before.


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  • Haha! I was surprised when Rowling said Dumbledore is gay, because the most bitchy character in the whole series is Snape. If Snape was gay, he would go crazy on Harry's ass. I would start with a Petrificus Totalus spell.


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  • Ew. Snape is not sexy.


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  • Don't bother; Albus Dumbledore was gay. JK Rowling did the gay angle already.

    Besides, Snape would definitely not be gay - it goes totally against character because one of the most pivotal elements of the Harry Potter saga is that Snape loved Harry's mother, but lost her to Harry's father. It is such a key and central moment to the mythology of Harry Potter that one cannot "gayify" Snape without having the entire saga fall apart. Indeed, this is once of the key elements that makes Harry Potter books the kind of literature that will be studied generations hence, unlike, say, The Twilight Saga or Divergent series. It is amazing how J K Rowling established this world of hers and gave it complex details and adult themes. It really is a masterpiece.

    So, please don't piss on this masterpiece with bad fan fiction. Make your own universe and do what you will in it.

    • Google fan fiction before you start getting butthurt. Gay angle? There was no indication in Harry potter that Dumbledore was gay. JK Rowling only mentioned it after the franchise died down for attention. Also I have my own universe thank you very much. I write novels too

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    • now you are lying

    • Also, you are the only idiot on here who took my question seriously. Also its true you are homophobic you have commented on some of my questions before with some of the most homophobic bullshit.

  • You sounds like Tina from Bob's Burgers.


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