Okay so I'm getting a Xbox one s for Christmas and I need some info on final fantasy (read the details)?

okay so when I was younger I wad never a big gamer because my parent's couldn't afford it, the first time I played online was like 2 years ago! anyways I've always wanted to play a final fantasy but I feel lame because I'm gonna buy 15 but I've never played the other 14!! what should I do or can someone kinda fill me in on the storyline of final fantasy of the last 14 games? :-) any help is appreciated


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  • Each game has a totally different story line; playing the newest one right now and I cannot stop bragging about how amazing the game is!! It is fantastic and I can guarantee you will enjoy it!
    There is a good 50 hours of gameplay in it including main and side quests.. haven't finished playing it ever since it came out but I reccommend it for people new to the concept of the Final Fantasy franchise.
    Everything about it is so good but the ending had me in tears 😭


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  • You don't need any of that. They're separate games.

    • Each game is its own story and different characters. Some elements carry over, but it's not very important. Play the older ones if you want to based on how the story interests you.

      I will say that my favorites are probably 7, 9, 12 (to an extent), and Crisis Core.

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    • Yeah. FF fans aren't like that anyways. Well, as far as I know. They're the type of people that are fucking ecstatic that new gamers are getting into the fantasy rpg franchise like FF, since in a way, it was starting to slowly fizzle. They're usually always happy for people that experience it for the first time and are incredibly helpful and love to talk about it.

    • thanks man you really helped me and I am hyped

  • They are no story related on FF 15, because I worked for SE.


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