How do I put the Harty Potter theme song in my monetized YouTube prank video without getting into any copyright trouble?

Similar to like this guy did

This is the song I want to use

@Menguc you must know
Man I just want to put the damn song in my video without getting into trouble


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  • Unless you are commenting on or criticizing the particular piece of music then generally you fall outside of fair use. In that case if you want to do it legally you have to purchase rights from the recording company that owns the song which is a long and costly process. Most people just violate copyright law and wait for the cease and desist letter from the company's attorney and then remove it if legal action is threatened. If you're a small fish they then you cost more than you are worth to take to court. If you make bank then your bank will soon be theirs...

    • Well I'm just worried about getting into trouble with YouTube

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    • Then your sound will or entire video will probably be removed and you'll likely be warned that you can't do that if not deleted.

    • Fucking ridiculous, I fucking hate copyright laws

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  • Pitch it a bit higher or lower so it's different


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