For those who are diehard Zelda fans, which of the two Zelda games gave you a more depressing vibe, Majora's Mask or Wind Waker?

Reasons why Majora's Mask gives depressing vibe: The end almost near in short of 3 days with the moon on it's way crashing down to wipe out Termina. The moon brought out the worst in almost everyone and even caused a lot of people to subtly self-inflict harm on themselves while a very few others in the game are just trying to live life while they can.

Reasons why Wind Waker gives depressing vibe: Almost all the Hylians were either completely wiped out or completely fled after Ganondorf escaped the Sacred Realm to cause Havoc as revenge against them and the sages/gods for his imprisonment, thus causing Hyrule Castle to be sealed underwater, which now becomes the great sea. The rich history of Hyrule seems to be almost forgotten as well until it's finally rediscovered later in the game.

  • Majora's Mask
  • Wind Waker
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  • Both are pretty dark games but I felt Wind Waker for me was especially when you went down to the Tower of Time underwater and it's just an empty world.

    Love both those games they're my favorite two. Majora's Mask is number 1 for me and then Wind Waker. People always complained about time in Majora's Mask but if you play the song of slowing and understand how to use saving it's not a problem at all.

    • Yeah, that and it's funny how most people completely overlooked the very dark backstory of Wind Waker because of the cell-shade, cartoony, cute graphics that everyone used to complain about.

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