Can baby from batman die of old age?

A question I've been wondering about lately... I can't she her dying from old age, what do you guys think?


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  • At first I was like wtf are you talking about, but I know who you're talking about. Yeah, it's just a physical deformity... It's not like her inner body stays young, only her putter body. so her heart can still give out, and what not. She would just look like a wrinkled 4 year old.

    • Makes sense-but I do disagree about her getting wrinkles-how old was she in her old films? I forgot how how old gorden said she was...

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    • yeah, it's been a few years, they have it on Amazon if you have Prime :D

    • i used a free site. i still hate the first suit... but not as much as the adam west suit.

  • What baby are you talking about?

    • In the Batman animated series, there was a character called Baby Doll, who became a psycho woman that teamed up with Killer Croc.