What do some people see in Steven Universe?

This question is not meant to start a war, I honestly want to know. I have watched every episode up to the current one, 3 TIMES and I still dislike the show.

Before anyone tries to say "you're homophobic", my dislike has nothing to do with the LGBTQ undertones in the show. I just feel that the storytelling is very weak and the lines are corny af.

I want to like the show, I really do. I feel so out of place when people get emotional over it, as if it's on the same level as the classic earlier cartoons.

It just feels like a poorly written parody of Sailor Moon.


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  • The show us pure cancer. Look at the art it looks like total crap. Spongebob has higher level art than steven universe.


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  • What is it?

    • tv show on cartoon network

  • I like it for the music, to me it's like it tries to be like Adventure time but meh


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