What do some people see in Steven Universe?

This question is not meant to start a war, I honestly want to know. I have watched every episode up to the current one, 3 TIMES and I still dislike the show.

Before anyone tries to say "you're homophobic", my dislike has nothing to do with the LGBTQ undertones in the show. I just feel that the storytelling is very weak and the lines are corny af.

I want to like the show, I really do. I feel so out of place when people get emotional over it, as if it's on the same level as the classic earlier cartoons.

It just feels like a poorly written parody of Sailor Moon.


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  • The show us pure cancer. Look at the art it looks like total crap. Spongebob has higher level art than steven universe.


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  • Why did you watch it all several times if you dislike it? It's almost got the same "catchiness" of a song on the radio. The storylines are touching, mature and educating. It's so progressive and makes huge positive changes, tackling important issues and politics in a child-friendly way. It unites audiences of all different kinds. The character design is adorable and the show easily makes you care for them all. They're relatable. It's entertaining. The soundtrack is FIRE. The art, especially in landscapes, is so interesting. Rebecca Sugar is a genius!!!

  • I like it for the music, to me it's like it tries to be like Adventure time but meh

  • What is it?

    • tv show on cartoon network

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